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Simulation Games

Rate this Article In this article we will be discussing what simulation games are and giving you a few examples of those that we have here on Girls Virtual Games. Virtual Worlds Free - Simulation Games

Simulation games are a lot of fun, in these games you can create your own city, financial empire or farm. While the settings are different the theme remains the same. Instead of creating a single avatar to explore a world, you are building or controlling whatever the theme of the game is.

You will often start with a small plot of land or single room, and from there you can begin to build up to a huge holding, or sprawling mansion full of children running around. Many simulation games are also social, where you can play with your friends, ask them for help or help them in return by sending items and useful materials.

Our top 5 list here contains a few different styles of game, but each of them is brilliant to play and they give you some real room for expansion as well as a lot of activities for you to enjoy. In no particular order, here are our favorite simulation virtual games.

Finally we have a gorgeous farm game for you, with the superb Big Farm. This game provides exactly what it says, a huge farm full of crops, animals and really great looking buildings. With a huge range of options for you and some pretty fun quirks only this game can provide you are in for a great time here.

In Horzer you are able to go into tremendous detail about your horses, with this information you can put them out to stud and be confident of getting good results. If you are looking to create a good racer, or a pure thoroughbred for show jumping this game gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Howrse is a game that has a ton of different things going on for it. First off it provides players with the options of raising and breeding multiple different kinds of unique breeds of horses. Secondly, it’s a game that completely hands over control to the player. You’ll have to manage all your horses and make sure that your equestrian center is always in top notch condition. Lastly, Howrse gives players a multitude of different grooming and customization options to play with so that they can make their horse stand out from the crowd.

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