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Fun Virtual Worlds

Rate this Article Virtual worlds are a fun place to be, but what are some of the best ones available for you to try? Virtual Worlds Free - Fun Virtual Worlds

If you are looking for somewhere new to hang out and play then this is the place, and we have a wide variety of different games for you to try. We have a selection of games known as virtual worlds, games that have created a place for you to explore and play games or just chat to people. These virtual spaces are open to lots of people all at the same time.

As well as the social side there are also lots of different kinds of worlds with different things that you can do. From becoming a top model or fashion designer to making your own paradise island with a luxury mansion there is lots for you to do in these amazing places.

What we have here is a list of some of the most fun places to spend some time, and what you can do in these games. Each of them has a unique setting and design and you can take a look and play your favorite or give all of them a try.

Firstly we will take a look at ourWorld, one of the oldest and most established of the social games. Here you can choose from hundreds of games to play and hang out with friends. Pick your style and look as you go out and meet loads of new and cool people.

Enjoy GalaStories a world where you are running your own boutique. Create clothes to sell and find the latest and most beautiful fashions in over 50 stores. With a level of intrigue some games just can’t match with stunning 3D graphics and the chance to strut your stuff in amazing cityscapes.

IMVU gives you a space to call your own, and in it you can do anything you want from making a simple log cabin to the biggest castles wth its own dining hall and 20 bedrooms. As well as your own island there are thousands of cool places to visit and hang out where you can meet new friends and just enjoy yourself.

Second Life is pretty much the very first game that comes to mind when discussing this genre and rightly so as this game has been around for quite some time and over the years it has constantly impressed its player-base with amazing gameplay features, top notch design, breathtaking environments combined with some of the best social features out there. There is also a massive community that play here, and you can easily make friends and find fun people to hang out with.

Lady Popular Lady Popular is a brilliant, fashion oriented game in which players can create their character and go around the world exploring, making new friends and playing tons of cool mini-games along the way. There's a ton of customization to be done and the variety of outfits is truly incredible and sets this game apart from the crowd.

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